Value of Medicines

Our Science:

We’ve been the pioneers behind major breakthroughs against some of the world’s most devastating diseases, but our work is never finished. Discovering new medicines means never being satisfied with what we’ve achieved. It demands the determination to overcome failure, push beyond convention, and find ways to come through no matter the odds. It means uniting our expertise with the agility and passion of research partners around the world to keep finding ways to make life better.

The Value of Our Medicines:

Medicines play an important role in making life better for people. When used appropriately, medicines can help us live longer and improve patients' quality of life, by improving the management of chronic conditions, slowing the progression of disease, preventing or minimising the complications of an illness, and simply helping us feel better. The role of medicines in making life better extends beyond just the people who use them directly, with a flow on effect to families, caregivers, the broader health care system, and society. The quality use of medicines contributes to improving public health, reducing long term health care costs and enhancing the productivity of our workforce.

Our Commitment to People Living with Chronic Disease:

Lilly unites caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world. That’s our promise, and when it comes to chronic disease that’s our mission. While many people only think of chronic disease as a problem in wealthier countries, the reality is that it is a growing problem everywhere. Through research, education, and advocacy - working with patients, physicians and governments - Lilly is determined to reduce the toll these diseases take and make lives better.