How We Do Business

Heritage, Humanity, Values and Discovery

Lilly's three core values - Integrity, Excellence and Respect for People - guide us in all that we do.

HOW we do business is as important as WHAT we do.

For almost 140 years, we have approached our company’s business with a deep sense of responsibility to the people we serve - patients and their families, physicians and other healthcare providers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, business partners, and the local communities in which we operate.

As a leading pharmaceutical company, we look for answers to some of the world’s most urgent and unmet medical needs. We discover and develop products through rigorous testing and in accordance with the highest scientific and ethical standards. We strive to create products that fulfill the clinical promise of their Lilly label.

We are committed to excellence. We have established strict internal policies and procedures to ensure that every interaction with our stakeholders - whether they are healthcare providers, patient advocacy groups, government regulators, or patients - is conducted according to the highest ethical standards.

Our Respect for People:

Ever since our founding, respect for people has been central to the Lilly culture and our promise to make life better for people around the world. In all we do, from our support programs for people living with illness to our workplace policies to our efforts around the world to increase access to medicines and improve health, we strive to bring this value to life. Our humanity guides how we treat each other and those we serve, inspiring us to build trust through our commonalities, celebrate our differences, and seek out ways to keep making life better.